My goal as an educator has always been to enable my students to develop an interdisciplinary perspective.  My lessons also challenge students to connect their scholarship to their daily lives eliminating the ubiquitous disconnect between classroom and everyday reality.  It is important to be considerate of the needs and goals of students, therefore educational objectives should be clearly stated and implemented from start to finish. Through my interaction with students I strive to anticipate their questions about their educational career.

I have taught Art appreciation in a relax matter focusing on the course objectives. I choose to incorporate examples of today’s artists and that of the old masters to show that greatness that can be achieved by anyone in any era. I prefer to teach in an informal environment where the student and I have will have an open dialogue in relation to art.

In teaching drawing and painting I believe all students should have a strong background in still-life drawing and figure painting because it is crucial to their development.  All students should be taught every aspect of drawing and painting because it will enable them to execute the proper techniques at their leisure.  They will be able to seek out more specific skills necessary for their own method of working.  In the end students should have the technical know how to navigate in different styles and methods of both mediums.

Recently I have taught through visual media in combination with the book to expand on the knowledge attained through their reading. It ranges from Caravaggio and Baroque to Jean-Michel Basquiat and Neo-Expressionism or from Jacques-Louis David and Neo Classicism to Andy Warhol and Pop Art and everything in between. I have told my students in the past that “don’t think of me as a professor teaching you about art but as friends conversing and learning about art.”

eduardo quintero